You said what? Embracing the acronym

Every industry has its own lingo and decrypting acronyms can be overwhelming. Especially when they are flying out at you during meetings. So many acronyms have multiple meanings and even industry-specific acronyms can mean more than one thing. Haven’t we all been in a meeting and thought to ourselves, do those letters mean what you think they mean? You might not want to interrupt or appear foolish by asking for clarification. For example, in a recent meeting I heard CDP. My brain was ticking over with options- calm down please? continuous data protection? customer data platform? comprehensive development plan? Which one was it?

Mary Thomson, Marketing Manager at One Little Seed

Everyone is talking about the great resignation, skills shortage and now the boomerang employee. I kind of fit into the category myself. After many years working in the Channel focusing on marketing & events, I changed careers. I chose to work for a big global bank- so different! After about 7 years I have returned to the industry. It’s been great to connect again with familiar faces and get back to what I truly love doing. I am learning what has and has not changed and how to speak the language again. I forgot how many acronyms there are!

When returning to an industry you have previously worked in some things are like riding a bike, you put your foot on the peddles and off you go. That is the value of experience, a lot of information comes flowing back to you but not everything. Some things you need to learn again from scratch. Which brings up the question, can you ever conquer every channel marketing acronym or is it a constant learning curve? I believe it’s the latter. In my first week back, I started an acronym spreadsheet. I opened it during meetings and calls and was surprised how quickly it was filling up. I had over 20 entries by day 5. It was clear, there was a lot of lingo to learn.

My little glossary is constantly growing and it’s a tool I find very useful. This got me thinking. With the current skills shortage there are people coming into the industry that have never worked in it before. What might seem obvious to some people might be marketing mumbo jumbo to others.

So, if like me you are returning to the industry or even better if you are new to it here are some acronyms you might find useful. Soon you will be using them effortlessly and look like a pro.

AcronymStands for:
aaSas a Service
ABMAccount-Based Marketing
ABXAccount Based Experience
AMSVAverage Monthly Search Volume
APIApplication Programming Interface
CAMChannel Account Manager
CDPContinuous Data Protection
CROConversion Rate Optimisation
CtORClick-to-Open Rate
DCData Centre
DRaaSDisaster Recovery as a Service
DTXDigital Transformation
EAMEnterprise Account Manager
EBCExecutive Briefing Centre
GMBGoogle My Business
IDRIntrusion Detection and Response
ISVIndependent Software Vendors
L2RMLead to Revenue Management
MDFMarket Development Funds
MDRManaged Detection and Response
MMaaSMarketing Manager as a Service
NAMNamed Account Manager
PAMPartner Account Manager
PIIPersonally Identifiable Information
PMMSPartner Marketing Manager as a service
PoPProof of Performance
PRMPartner Relationship Management
RoASReturn on Ad Spend
RSMRegional Sales Manager
SISystems Integration
SKOSales Kick Off
STaaSStorage as a Service
TAMTerritory Account Manager
TL;DRToo Long Didn’t Read
USPUnique Selling Proposition
VARValue-Added Reseller