Growing good ideas into great outcomes.

As well as our retainer-based, marketing manager as a service (MMaaS) work, we know that sometimes you need a major project or campaign that falls outside of our agreed monthly ‘to-do’ list.

This special something might be a website, event, nurture campaign or a super smart strategy to penetrate a new market.

One Little Seed specialises in marketing campaign development, creating actionable tasks that translate into real business outcomes. We make timebound plans, execute them smoothly, and critically - measure and report on the results.

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Marketing campaigns that work

Our fresh eyes drive your business forward and bring experience, guidance, strategy, and focus.

We can help you with:

  • Marketing campaign development and execution
  • Website refreshes
  • Email and nurture campaigns
  • Lead development campaigns and building a funnel of opportunities
  • Penetrating new markets
  • Executive events

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Perhaps you want to evolve or reconfigure your business model, or develop your partner programme? Or assess and respond to the changing market environment with innovative new solutions or products?

We can help you realise your short- and long-term goals by turning them into fully-fledged promotional campaigns. That doesn’t mean we need you to take your eye off your IT business though – we do all the work.

As part of our campaign development for new target audiences, we’ll help you understand your prospects thoroughly, so we know what messaging and approach resonates with them – and why.

Then we’ll use what we learn to optimise your business positioning, product services, sales process, and customer retention strategies so you’ll gain a greater slice of the market.

Psst. Get more for your money

How about driving down your marketing costs by leveraging vendor relationships?

All too often, the effort required to gain vendor funding (aka MDF, or marketing development funding) can seem a little overwhelming. So, it gets consigned to the ‘too hard, maybe next time’ basket.

You usually only get one chance to prove yourselves to a vendor. But the good news is that we’re old hands at making sure our clients’ funding applications meet all the marketing requirements critical to achieving and maintaining engagement and ongoing funding.

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James Bright, Marketing Manager ANZ, Tech Data

To position Tech Data as the safe pair of hands for partners navigating Microsoft’s NCE (New Commerce Experience), we needed a marketing agency who thoroughly understood the complexities of our business and the channel ecosystem. One Little Seed quickly interpreted our needs and pulled together an integrated marketing campaign to generate a significant pipeline of qualified sales leads.

They delivered on every front - I’d rate them as one of the best and brightest agencies we work with.

James Bright
Marketing Manager, ANZ