Nothing grows without a seed, and nothing changes without a dream.

The OLS team is focused on strategic growth. Yours.

We believe that if you can dream it, there's every chance that we can help you turn 'it' into reality.

Between us, we have the unique skill sets and experience to develop marketing strategies, write copy, manage events, and design and deliver original multi-touch campaigns to perfection. And, of course, run an exceptional business.

Why One Little Seed?

Line drawing of a superhero wearing a green cape standing in the palm of a hand
Kristal Jamieson, Founder of One Little Seed

Kristal Jamieson


Kristal is a highly respected marketing professional. She has over 20 years' B2B and B2C experience with technology start-ups, distribution, event management, channel and vendors. Kristal is known for her strong technical ability, hands-on approach, extensive product knowledge and collection of industry awards and nominations.

Fun fact: Kristal is rarely found out of sneakers or Kicks. All the better for keeping up with the fast pace of technology marketing!

Chris Daltrey

The Money Guy
Chris Daltrey, the Money Guy at One Little Seed

Chris has worked in banking and finance for as long as Jo has been writing. He moonlights as the OLS book keeper, and self proclaimed operational dogsbody. He’s the one that keeps all our processes in check, and we know we drive him batty some days.

Fun fact: All that Star Wars lego is actually his.

Vivienne Winborne

Senior Marketing Manager
Vivienne Winborne, Senior Marketing Manager at One Little Seed

Vivienne has over 16 years in the advertising and marketing industry, spanning time in agencies, start-ups, and non-profits. She has extensive experience in B2B and B2C product and events management. Vivienne (or Viv to the rest of us) is passionate about future technology.

Fun fact: Viv keeps life fresh with invigorating early morning ocean swims, every week of the year. Even the seriously cold ones.

Christine Patterson

Senior Marketing Manager
Christine Patterson, Marketing Executive at One Little Seed

Christine has led marketing functions for organisations such as HP and Veeam in ANZ and APJ. She’s returning to the workforce after being a Mum for the last few years.

Fun fact: Christine has a passion for wine and food, and her side hustle involves Thermomix demonstrations so if you’re after a recipe or two, just ask!

Jo White

Kickarse Copywriter
Jo White, Kickarse Copywriter at One Little Seed

Jo has spent more years than she cares to mention in the advertising and marketing industry. However, for the last 25+ years, she has specialised in working with local and international IT businesses, deciphering and translating often complex or technical concepts into engaging content.

Fun fact: Between writing blogs, thought leadership articles, and more, Jo paints fabulous feline watercolours.

Luke Hopkins

Creative Director
Luke Hopkins, Creative Director at One Little Seed

Luke has spent the last 15 years specialising in marketing, branding, and creating consumer experiences which drive action. He's worked on some of the most prestigious accounts in the advertising world, ran his own successful agency, and has founded several innovative start-ups.

Fun fact: As well as being our creative director, Luke moonlights as an eco-furniture designer. Random, huh?

Antonia Jennings

The People Person
Antonia Jennings, The People Person at One Little Seed

Antonia has worked in IT Talent Strategy for over 20 years (are you seeing a theme here?). She’ll generally be the first person a new employee will talk to. She’s our north star for ensuring staff well-being, and providing insights into how we get the best from everyone.

Fun fact: Antonia is also studying psychology, so there’s getting nothing past her on an EQ level!

Tam Nobrega

Senior Graphic Designer
Tam Nobrega, Senior Graphic Designer at One Little Seed

Tam has worked for vendors such as Sophos and has a real passion for building and developing brands.

Fun fact: There are three languages spoken in Tam’s household. Portuguese, Dutch and English. Her little boy currently mixes and matches between the three.

Gavin Hoffman, Director of Sales & Marketing, Global Storage

The team at One Little Seed have brought a whole new level of business maturity to our marketing. They’ve delivered a new website and customer experience by defining our brand and messaging. Their relationships in the channel have allowed us to build strategic alliances and access previously unused marketing funds. 

The OLS team have really supported our business growth and their marketing and branding efforts have directly assisted us to win new customers.

Gavin Hoffmann
Director of Sales & Marketing